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ICON Compliance Services, LLC is an internationally acclaimed and leading investigations, intelligence gathering and forensic accounting firm. We conduct our investigations and forensic accounting analyses based on the latest laws, standards and techniques. Our Press section reflects a sampling of our distinguished accomplishments and our record speaks for itself. Our focused divisions provide investigative services, integrity monitoring, CFO consulting, IT consulting, corporate security and superior forensic accounting analysis of complex financial transactions and professional advisory services to our clients. Unlike most organizations in the marketplace, we do not place our profitability above our clients’ interests and our honorably unparalleled record reflects that commitment. Our expert team includes the finest of accomplished professionals, who previously served as federal agents and prosecutors. ICON is also staffed with handpicked forensic accountants, fraud professionals, intelligence specialist, analysts, IT experts, risk assessment and security advisor.


Our CEO, Brian Aryai, while ascending to the highest global executive positions, has consistently acted on his oath and commitment to upholding the law both as a federal agent and as a senior executive. It was under such unassailable leadership that, while serving as a senior executive in a leading international construction company, he investigated and submitted for successful prosecution his findings by hand to the Honorable Loretta E.Lynch, our current Attorney General, the largest ever fraud on record in the world for successful prosecution in the construction industry. That is an accomplishment in professional performance and integrity that no other CEO of any other prominent investigation firm can even come close to.


High profile corporate and investment scandals, including fraud, are uncovered routinely. In today’s global environment it is necessary for companies to practice thorough due diligence before undertaking acquisitions, mergers, investments or partnership agreements. Additionally, ICON represents companies that have been subject to these scandals in order to implement corrective action. Our accomplishments in independent investigative reporting, countless submission of our inquiries for successful prosecution and recovery of financial assets have repeatedly won the praise of our clients and regulators.